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Finally Home: Newborn Lifestyle photography Edmonton

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The first few moments of baby’s life cannot be recreated, that’s why Capturekeepers is the at home newborns photographer Edmonton parents call on for the precious beginning of a new life. New parents delight in the tiniest of fingers and toes, marveling in the perfection of the newness in the bundle of joy they have finally brought home, into their family. Capturekeepers will seamlessly arrive shortly after baby is born to frame the perfect fresh 48 portraits so parents and baby can remember this special moment for eternity. A newborn’s sweet innocence in the first days or hours of life are like no other, and Capturekeepers specializes in being the premier lifestyle photographer in Edmonton for newborns and new parents.

What to expect with a newborn session:

1. Contact us to discuss expected due date as well as communication about delivery once baby has arrived. We will also plan for the mood and feel of the newborn session ahead of time so mom-to-be can relax and know that Capturekeepers will be ready at a moment’s notice. We can even plan for this session to combine with our maternity and newborn photography packages.

2. Let us help with baby wardrobe suggestions as well as location or accessories that can help make the newborn session as beautiful and serene as possible. Capturekeepers can help with the entire process for moms and newborns from start to finish.

3. Review our stunning photographs at our online gallery where you can make your selections, purchase, and download your gorgeous newborn pictures when it is convenient for you.

Ready to set up your at home newborn session? Contact Capturekeepers to get started with portraits you will cherish and adore for years to come.

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Where can one hire a professional newborn photographer?

If you are looking to hire a professional photographer to capture the first few moments of your newborn baby, then you could not find a better companion for your needs than Capture Keeps. We provide affordable newborn photography service in Edmonton to our customers. So, if you require a newborn photography service, then reach out to us immediately.

Does Capture Keeps provide newborn photography services at home?

Yes, we absolutely do that! We understand how important it is for parents to capture those first moments of baby life, and that is why Capture Keeps provides bespoke new photography services at affordable prices. We come to your place for newborn photography services.