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Telling Your Story Together: Couples Photography Sessions

Develop. Encapsulate. Anticipate.

That look. The way he touches her hand. The way her cheeks blush when their gazes lock. New love often grows into an eternal bond, but the first blooms of love can be captured with a couple’s photography session. As a Calgary and Edmonton lifestyle photographer, I specialize capturing the intimate glances, light touches, and romantic connections that encapsulate a couple’s love for each other. Each new beginning has its own story to tell, and Capturekeepers will craft a charming tale in photographs for couples to cherish forever.

What to expect when booking a couple’s session:

1. Contact Capturekeepers for a consultation about the couple’s expectations for the session. We can create an unforgettable surprise engagement session for the soon-to-be-engaged couple as well as design a lifestyle session for all kinds of lovebirds.

2. Choose a location that reflects the love and commitment you have for each other or let Capturekeepers suggest appropriate places that will enhance the feel of the session you desire.

3. Your photos will be delivered digitally where you can review all of your photographs in your personal gallery. You can purchase and download your stunning photography prints from your Capturekeepers gallery shortly after your session to enjoy right away.

Are you ready to begin your story? Contact Capturekeepers to plan for your couple’s photography session.

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